Internal External or Both

Global stockroom has advantages if used as either an internal tool or for external services. Integration is pretty straight forward and at a fraction of the cost you would expect.

As an Internal Tool

If you have multiple locations with stock in your organisation, rapid visualisation allows you to get stock to where its needed quickly and efficiently. You can manage your min-max stock levels more effectively, even if you an exisitng ERP or back office system. By having a web based interface and multi level access controls you can turn you stock into a real working assett not just an overhead. If each location buys it own stock you can easily check the price paid in each of those locations

As an External Tool

Displaying stock levels and location to prospective buyers means your turn overhead inventory into active stock In shared stockroom mode, you can establish the risk of of reducing your stocklevels on certain items in specific locations. By displaying lovcation iformation you can instanlty assess delivey and lead time. Reporting can be customised and provide you with the data you need in aform you want instantly.